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Welcome to the Paper Model E-Gift Shop which offers a variety of FREE paper models for every ability level. All you need is paper, scissors, glue, and patience. Why not start a new hobby, or add to your collection?

Browse my site and find a paper model that appeals to the kid in you. Download the model, print it from your color printer, and let the fun begin!


- Jon Leslie

Well we did it!!

We have hit 1,000,000 hits of fans of paper models, and to celebrate, Dave from has created a special model in his unique style. A model in plastic that I made when I was child, and now re-produced in paper, the MOON MIXER:

Complete with the original box art!

Thanks again to all my loyal "customers" for making this possible.

- Jon

Meantime, let us at the egiftshop know what you think.
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pictures of your builds.

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